After becoming involved in the production of my own records I started practicing songwriting coaching in 2001 which led to the production of other artists recordings.  My clients have gone onto major publishing and record contracts with critically acclaimed releases.  I have ProTools and can quickly generate pre-production demo’s or mix-ready tracks. I play guitars, keyboards, bass, percussion and arrange and perform vocal harmonies as well. I work with many genres of music but am mostly experienced with singer/songwriters in the folk, pop, Americana, or alt-Country rock vein.


As a teacher, I started teaching guitar and piano 10 years ago and found that most people ultimately wanted to develop their songwriting ability, so i developed this method which I’ve been using successfully for the last decade with an ever expanding clientele to very positive effect. The method would vary according to your level of experience and personal goals, but usually involves:

-Process of valuable tips on how to access lyrical and musical ideas and keeping track of them
-Putting those ideas into cohesive structure
-Help with whatever instrument you play (if any) towards greater expression of work
-Help with greater access of singing voice (if applicable)
-Help with song arrangement and production
-Creating plan for recording songs towards eventual album, and then to establish a plan for marketing a record
-Improving and expan
-Help editing existing work and providing sounding board for ideas as they come up.
-Expanding creativity

I work with all styles of music as I feel like the quality of the song is usually separate from the style of the song — nevertheless I am a fan and listener of all types of music though my own usually gets categorized in the Alternative pop, rock or folk category. I am very easy to get along with and have many references available upon request.